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Dirty Panties Dirty Girl Vol 1

I love being a Dirty Girl. I'd like to be able to take my Panties off and let them drop and have somebody else follow me around all day to pick my Panties up. What a dream ! In the Dirty Panties Dirty Girl series I'm going to show you all the many ways in which I love to be a Dirty GIrl. In Vol 1 I'm too lazy to get clean Panties, why should I, when I have a laundry bag full of Dirty Panties. As an Asian Fuck Toy I shouldn't have to concern myself with this nonsense. called housework. This should all be taken care of for me while I'm busy seeing whose Cock I'm going to get on next. Well today I've fished out a fluffy pair of Dirty Panties that I was Fucked in about 3 days before then used to wipe up all the spunk that was squirted over my Tits. In Dirty Panties Vol 1 you'll see me pee myself in my Panties because I'm too lazy to go to the toilet. I'm going to enjoy the Dirty Panties Dirty Girl series so much, I hope you do too and remember Dirty Girl is always open to Dirty Requests.
Length: 2:53 min
added: 6/24/11 by DirtyZuZa
9,71 Current score based on a total of 7 votes

North America
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