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Deep Throat

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Totally crazy and actually not to describe with words. Deep at night and just totally wet in step we wanted sex. First a guy who went in immediately and then searched and found a second. Without much bla bla, it went off immediately. Cocks out of his pants and nice deep in the mouth. I first caught a really big cock that I almost swallowed but gave up was not. Of course, we shared the types and exchanged among ourselves. When both of us rammed their hard slats, we couldn't help but shout. It was so loud that we had to be afraid that the neighbors were still complaining! A wild mess to fuck with the first cumshot in the rubber followed. My girlfriend did not let herself rags and sucked the condom empty. When we wanted to get the second load of sperm, however, not the guy but my girlfriend! Her squirting splashed everywhere and was completely surprising.

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  • latex6man

    Nov 8, 2017, 6:19:46 PM

    Das Video ist der absolute Hammer so etwas von scharf, mehr geht wohl nicht mehr oder?

  • Marco3110

    Oct 7, 2017, 4:10:17 PM

    Hammer Geil ihr 2 geilen Mäuse!

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