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Actually I wanted to upload the video not at all but it's just too funny ... I wanted for you a video with story turn in which my "stepfather" me the claw caught ... But I just could not keep a straight face on that day, we have the scene 7 times starting new and the 8th time it was me then just do not care, I just wanted to be fucked only ... So I have got during the laughter pushed the stick into his mouth and sucked him hard, oh man I just love feel to grow a hot cock in the mouth ... the camera we simply run: D ... then he takes me hard from behind by, I'm not as fast as ever, laughing and fucking is simply a blatant combination: D, and as a treat I press me again his hard mace in his neck and suck the sperm from his cock ...

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  • D--Kay

    Jul 24, 2017, 8:41:25 PM

    Über die anderen sieben Versuche hätte ich mich auch gefreut.

    Aber auch so ist's ein geiles Video. Spontaner Sex ist immer noch der Beste!

  • Peter2k

    Dec 17, 2016, 12:35:44 AM

    wie immer 1a!!!

  • Mounty72

    Dec 11, 2016, 6:53:34 PM

    Das Genre Pornokomödie ist glaube ich noch nicht erfunden worden, vielleicht werdet ihr ja die Vorreiter. ;-)
    Egal; wer gerne lacht und Luna liebt (so wie ich), sollte sich den Film unbedingt anschauen.

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