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  • Feb 20, 2018, 2:09:25 PM

    414 Forcing face fucking

    Custom Clip Request


    And just want the Clip like the link i send you , but both you and your "son " is wearing rainponchos and he is having medical latex gloves. He forcing his Cock in your mouth and Also cum Hard in mouth. Please swallow his sperm also, But make it look like you really dont want. Only you and your man Will Wear a rainponcho in Blue or yellow and your Hair is in a pony tail. No clothes under poncho

    No heels No dialouge just like the link

    And Camera just like the link Also, plus yours. I trust you Will make og Very Nice sweetie;)


    I really love the way you made it:-) Very hot and just the way i wanted it ;-)

  • Jan 27, 2018, 6:34:11 AM

    413 Cum In My Heels

    Custom Clip Request

    Scene 1 description: Teasing

    In the first scene, I would like to see you walking into the room wearing satin red robe and wearing the red heels I requested, and then sensually teasing in front of the camera. A small dance during the teasing is a nice bonus. After the dance / tease, you could sit on a chair and remove the red heels, and then proceed with dressing up.

    The camera angle is simple, basically full body shots as it could capture your full body movement and beauty.

    Scene 2 description: Dress up.

    Outfit should already be within reach. Outfit: 3 pairs of pantyhose (2 for legs, 1 for arms. The one for arms have a hole in the crotch for the head to go through), jeans, T shirt

    Continue from Scene 1, I would like you to layer 2 pairs of nude pantyhose on your legs, and 1 pair with a hole at the crotch on the arms. Essentially a body encasement. Both pantyhose waistbands should meet at the waist or somewhere in the middle of the body. Use duct tape or any other type of tape and tape both waistbands together, essentially becoming a pantyhose bodysuit. A bonus act maybe to lie down on the bed and massage your pussy with your pantyhosed hands for a bit, then you wear the jeans and T shirt and do some poses.

    The camera should move out from the end of Scene 1, back to a full body shot. You can be sitting on the bed when wearing the pantyhose. When massaging your pussy, the camera could have a close up view on your pussy. The camera will move back out to a full body shot when wearing the jeans and T shirt.

    Scene 3 description:

    Cumshot into heels Heel requirements: 3"+ or 4"+ ankle strap heels. Lockable heels such as the image in an earlier email is a big bonus. Open toe heels also a bonus.

    A fade cut can be done from the previous scene. The scene can start off with you holding up the heels in front of the camera with a sly smile. You could then kneel down and perform a blowjob to your man with your pantyhosed hands holding his dick. You will then follow up with a handjob with the heels in front of his dick until he cum into the heels. Preferably to cum in both heels. Better if your man saves up a big load.

    The camera starts off with a front view when you hold the heels with a sly smile. The camera will then move to a side view during the blowjob, with the pantyhosed hands visible. The camera could remain as side view during the handjob. A fade cut could be done during the handjob to skip to the cumshot. Nearing cumshot, the camera should move to a quarter top down view of the heels, with the cumshot into the heels visible.

    Scene 4 description: Teasing, wearing heels and walking

    Continue where the previous scene left off. You will spread the cum in the heels by tilting the heels around. You will then play with the cum in the heels with your pantyhosed toes, then wear the heels. Lock the heels if it's lockable. You will then walk around in the heels in the room, and then pass the keys to your man (if lockable). You can then leave through the door in a dress if you wish, walking down a corridor for a bit. Maybe at the end you could strike a pose and send a kiss? That would be good.

    The camera picks up from the previous scene, moving close to the heels to record the cum flowing around the sole. The camera remains close up during the toe dipping and wearing sequence, recording the full heel strap buckling / locking process. Wearing both heels should be a continuous shot. The camera can then move back to a full body shot during the walking and end sequence.

    -Script End-


    Hi Alice, I have downloaded the video, and I must say I'm super impressed, the video is down to every detail in the script. I couldn't wish for a better Christmas present! Once again, thanks for the video!

  • Jan 23, 2018, 2:34:53 PM

    412 Naughty big boy

    It's raining ... You go from work and on the way you see a beautiful girl. You decide to help her. The girl agrees. When she is in your car, you notice that she works as a nurse and you ask her to wear her work clothes, just for a minute. She did not expect that you have fetish clothes for nurses and rubber gloves.

  • Jan 20, 2018, 12:20:25 PM

    411 Christmas Surprise For a Good Boy

    Today, when you come home from your work, your sofa and TV will be waiting for you. You drink a glass of whiskey or a bottle of beer would relax after a day's work. Perhaps you will watch adult films, and afterwards smoke cigarette. No, today is a special day! You were a good boy. So you deserve a Christmas present! In your living room you will find a gift you will not guess about. You will be surprised! On your couch a girl sits, she does not move or blink, what's with her? Who is she? Where did she come from? After all, when you went to work, you brewed coffee, you checked your mail, her was not in the living room. You notice strange round buttons on her body, you click on it and the girl starts talking. Now everything has become clear to you. She is a living doll, a living mannequin and this doll is yours and you can do whatever you want.

    Why for me is this, what I did so good in this year, I was a good boy? I worked hardly, I did not deceive anyone, you will think. Then it's fair, good boys should get good present. You check the doll and press all her buttons. It's amazing, you've never received such gifts before. You test by touching her tits, it really is like real. You open her mouth, you manipulate her limbs and her body. You become interested in what under her dress and you decide to strip her. She's perfect! You inspect her and enjoy, you touch her sexy body, and then open her mouth and insert your already working hard cock. Her mouth is soft and moist, it's actually so real! You can not believe your eyes, but your feelings do not fail you and that means it's not a dream! You are the owner of a living doll, a living mannequin! This is the best gift for Christmas ever! You decide not to postpone for tomorrow and play with your doll now!

  • Jan 12, 2018, 2:54:34 PM

    410 You're a Huge Cumshooter

    You are walking in the room /you are reading something or doing something else/ and the camera captures full body shot or zoom in at you - tits, ass, feet. You can make some ass tease while you are leaning on a desk or something simillar/ You can do a sexy straddle to make the skirt tighter while the camera captures you from the back from your feet towards your ass, also you can sexy rise your leg up while you are leaning. Generally everything sexy that you can do - you can add something from you, but still looking sexy and classy. Of course you can walk, lean several times and meanwhile the camera captures different parts of the body or full body shot.

    As you are leaning a big cumshot spreads on your ass and you wonder what is happening. You see that the big cock in front of you caused this and you go to it. You are angry for making your skirt messy but when you go to it again it spreads cum on your skirt again. You can't go to work like this, so you realize why not to have fun? You start rubbing your skirt with the cock like pic 1 and 1.1 but in normal POV, not from down to top like the pic - this is full body shot. You can move your ass to turn him on and touch his cock with your hand. After that short ass rubbing like pic 2 /normal POV or closeup/ .

    He sits on a couch and continue short rubbing like pic 2.1 /moving your ass like the scene from "359 Teacher makes schoolboy foot fetish fantasy come true" somethinglike that will be great/.

    Then you unzip the skirt /the camera can capture it/ but dont pull it down. Then you kneel and start doing a very messy blowjob, covering your skirt, shirt and tits with spit, drooling. I added screenshots of similar blowjob video just for an example - pictures 3.00 - 3.04. Meanwhile you can unbutton your shirt to show your tits partly/full and to start covering them with the spit. You can rub or play with the cock with your shirt or to make tit job - its up to you. After a while you can pull down a little the skirt like pic 4.1. and you can move your hand to your pussy. Meanwhile you can also move your hands over your body to make your clothes messy. In this blowjob scene, if it is possible, you include several cumshots like JailBait 2 and to capture the cumshot on your shirt and skirt. You can do it in different positions again like JailBait 2.

    Stand and lean on the desk again - pull the skirt down a little maybe to be around your knees to see your ass and pussy only /pictures 5.1, 5.2/ then your husband starts to fuck you. You can include similar poses like your video "388You can't wait anymore" /pic 10.01/ it is up to you. After a while you go on the bed and your husband fucks you in different poses just for example something like pic 6, 7, 8, 9...I just want the skirt to remain on you - to be pulled down around your knees or to be pulled down to your feet.

    Meanwhile when it is possible to make you can include cumshots on you while you are on the bed lying with a half pulled down skirt and touching your pussy or the skirt pulled down to your feet and opened legs again touching your pussy. The shirt can be pulled up or your tits partly exposed. And/or you can include cumshot on your ass or just something like JailBait 2 for an example. Of course during that you can pull your skirt and shirt like you are wearing them normally and play with them... Or/and you can /just an idea/ take off the blouse/or the skirt for a while and make handjob with it or to take off the skirt for a while and rub your pussy with it...You can also add your idea too. 

    The final and "real" cumshot: you are kneeling, you are wearing your shirt and skirt like normally, but of course they are all covered with spit and stuff. You can help your husband to cum with a blowjob or handjob it is up to you and then to stand like doggy style so he can cum on your ass wearing that skirt. After he cums hee can



    I just watched the video and I have no words to are the best!!! It can't be done better! Perfect in every single detail from the script!! Thank you for filming my idea again!!!